Every donation goes to cleaning up our lakes and making sure they are around for generations to come

Donations go to cleaning up beaches and lakes

Help us help you keep the beaches and lakes clean.  

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Protect our Lakes non-profit may be small today, but with Donations from Fellow
Outdoor Enthusiasts like you, we will make an impact at our Lakes and Reservoirs, Now and for the future.

Our First project for 2021 Trash Removal and Trash Maintenance at our Lakes.
POL will be installing Free for your taking, ECO-SAFE BPI COMPOSTABLE Trash Bag Dispensers
It's the Small pieces of Trash that impacts us the most, Cigarette Butts, Candy Wrappers, PPP Masks, Plastic Bottle caps, etc.
This is what we are trying to get under control, this is why we have provided these T-shirt Style Recyclable bags for your use.

Follow and Share our Social Media and Website PlatForms
Help Partner with Fellow Outdoor Enthusiasts who get stoked about Boating Etiquette, Boating Safety, and Trash Removal Like you.
Wear The Cool Swag we Design thats gets people talking about who we are

Donate to Help POL For as little as $5.00
Donate to Help POL For as little as $5.00

Donate to Help POL For as little as $5.00


Now more than ever getting outdoors and being in nature is important. Our lakes have become our paradise, they offer up adventure, a place to unwind, and most importantly give us the opportunity to spend time with our families creating memories. But we are at risk of losing this lifestyle if we don't start taking care of them.

With your donations we can help to make sure that these lakes will live on for generations to come.  

100% of all sales goes to non-profit.

100% of your DONATIONS stays with to better Our Lakes and Reservoirs.



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