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Now more than ever getting outdoors and being in nature is important. Our lakes have become our paradise, they offer up adventure, a place to unwind, and most importantly give us the opportunity to spend time with our families creating memories. But we are at risk of losing this lifestyle if we don't start taking care of them.
That's why Randy Casper has founded Protect Our Lakes.  As a leader in the Marine Industry for nearly 50 years, Randy is passionate and committed to protecting the waters that we love. Randy has turned the mission over to the Pelt family, where Jenny is now helping carry out the vision and mission of Protect Our Lakes.
The solution? It's simple. Care about water quality. Get educated about Boating Safety and Etiquette. Commit to shoreline clean up and trash removal. And most importantly make Protecting Our Lakes your lifestyle. Spread the word, contribute to future generations and join us in loving what we do.
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