It's that time of year. Winter is here! We can't get out on the water now, its too cold, the water is frozen, our boat is in storage, Whatever it is, we still want to be around the water so we grab up our dogs head to the lake to take a walk about. But wait, whats that in the snow? Oh man its someones Dog Poop. Right there on the trail. We've all seen it, and question why don't people pick up their dog waste.

Dog waste that isn’t cleaned up isn’t just a hazard for the bottom of your shoes—it is also a cause of pollution in creeks, rivers and lakes across the country. Dog waste contains nitrogen and phosphorus, which can deplete oxygen that fish and other water-based life need to survive, as well as encourage the growth of harmful algae. It is also considered a significant source of pathogens like fecal coliform, a disease-causing bacteria.

You Can Make A Difference! Dog waste is cited as the 3rd or 4th largest contributor of bacterial pollution in urban watersheds. The average dog produces approximately 3/4 pounds of poop every day. 1,000 dogs will produce 750 pounds of excrement a week, that ’s a lot of poop! Do your part - pick up after your dog. It ’s the neighborly thing to do! When pet waste is disposed of improperly, not only water quality suffers – your health may be at risk,


Protect Our Lake Life

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